Stock News Inshorts-20 Feb 2018

Stock News Inshorts-20 Feb 2018

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Stock News Inshorts-20 Feb 2018

Here are top 5 stock market news in short.

1 Damani, Jhunjhunwala, Porinju lapping up these stocks; should you look at them?

All these ace investors have bought shares, in Fortis Healthcare. Should you have this share in your portfolio? Read details in ET.

2 Using the Price-to-Earnings Ratio as a Quick Way to Value a Stock

Simply put, the p/e ratio is the price an investor is paying for $1 of a company’s earnings or profit. In other words, if a company is reporting basic or diluted earnings per share of $2 and the stock is selling for $20 per share, the p/e ratio is 10 ($20 per share divided by $2 earnings per share = 10 p/e). Read the details at thebalance.

3 Market outlook for 2018 by foreign brokerages

Bank of America Merill Lynch- Underweight


Kotak Institutional Equities-Cautious


Read the details at thehindubusinessline.

4 3 Best Stocks To Buy For 2018 In India

KMC Speciality Hospitals, Kaveri Seeds, HPCL

Read the details rationale at goodreturns.

5 How to buy shares: 10 powerful things to know on how to buy stock in India profitably

Here is the top ten things to know how to buy a stock.

1 business

2 Competitors

3 Profit margin

4 Inventory to Cash (time)

5 Ownership structure

6 Volatility

7 Beta :The Beta factor describes the movement in a stock’s return in relation to the market return.

8 PE Ratio

9 Earnings sustainability and growth

10 Future plans

Read this very useful article in details at financialexpress.

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