Bodhtree Consulting: Multibagger Penny stock

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Bodhtree Consulting: Multibagger Penny stock for 2018. Looking to buy any penny stock for 2018? This penny stock could be handy to invest in India. Bodhtree Consulting belongs to Indian IT industry which is in consolidation mode for last 2 to 3 years. With increase in demand for new and innovative technology and ever increasing protectionism policy in USA; companies which ready to move in the new direction with changing paradigm will be ultimate winner.

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Bodhtree Consulting: A Multibagger Penny stock for 2018

Before we discuss about our penny stock pick Bodhtree Consulting, let’s put forward couple of points about penny stocks.

If you are looking to buy penny stocks for quick gain in short period of time then this is not the place.

We consider penny stocks are the companies with only few crores of market capitalization. If carefully chosen, penny stocks have the potential to move to small cap and then mid cap basket over few years of time.

Let’s get back to Bodhtree Consulting limited now to evaluate as a buying candidate for 2018.

Few key parameters:

  • Date: 13 Jan, 2018
  • CMP: 97.80
  • CompanyBodhtree Consulting
  • Market cap: 195 Crore
  • Price/book: 5
  • P/E: 10
  • Industry: Software services

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Bodhtree company profile:

A CCM Level 5 company, Bodhtree Consulting is based out of Hyderabad.

Bodhtree enables enterprises to transform their business using the power of cloud, analytics and digital solutions. In addition, they streamline key business processes by deploying enterprise applications, integrating applications with their IT infrastructure and maintaining them, so that business users can focus on strategic organizational priorities.

Company is headquartered in California with offices across North America, Singapore and India. Founded in 1998, Bodhtree has over 800 employees.

Bodhtree Consulting Limited, the India arm of Bodhtree is a public listed company in India. It has investments and interests in niche business lines that include social transformation for e-publishers, e-learning and mobile classified search.

Source: Bodhtree Official Site.


Managing Director, Rama Krishna comes with 22 years of industry experience in leading teams and organizations that managed several business applications including ERP and CRM systems. He has spearheaded IT departments for both mid-sized and large enterprises, and has worked with offshore teams of Big 5 consulting firms.

In his career he has introduced cutting-edge products in organizations that were looking to leverage technology to optimize efficiency and maximize returns from their technology investments. His experience spans across various companies including Symantec, Juniper Networks and Silver Spring Networks.

Source: Leadership Team

What qualifies Bodhtree Consulting as a potential multibagger?

Based on the bodhtree consulting ltd annual report, financials numbers are going good for company. Company has huge orders in pipeline and at the same time more orders are being negotiated. This is is simple and straight answer to why we consider this small company to be a potential multibagger.

Let’s try to understand in detail.

  • Advanced technology: Company is a pioneer in all cutting age technology. So it is here to grow for next 5-10 years without much headwind.
  • Bodhtree consulting limited gst : Company has undertaken projects related to GST and awaiting huge orders for the GST tax implementation projects.
  • Order pipeline: Even if the company is a small company, it has huge orders in it’s pipeline.

Jan 12, 2018:

Received contract from Magadh University, Bihar to provide digital university platform in a managed service model. The project is estimated to be 43+ Crore.


Jan 11, 2018:

Company has received order of worth 8.38 crore from Indian council of forestry research and education, Dehradun.


Sep 19, 2017:

Company has received 100+ Crores of order from Medical council of India. Order which was received as part II of Digital mission to be completed within next twelve months. Interview.

Company has also received crores of orders from Infosys. Interview.

Bodhtree consulting India Address ( Registered Office )

Bodhtree Consulting Limited
Block “A”, Wing “2”, Level 6,
Cyber Gateway, Madhapur,
Hyderabad – 500081
Tel: +91.40.6622.2333
Fax: +91.40.6622.2444
Bodhtree Consulting Growth Outlook;

So the prime reason that management are optimistic about company future and they have predictable revenue target of 300 crores in three years of time compared to it’s revenue of 80 Crore last year. This gets translated into a huge 40% cumulative growth in next three years.

It is said for the company to grow in right direction, management must be visionary. Based on management interview  company is aiming to become a mid cap in another 5 years of time period.

If you are looking for penny stocks for 2018 then you can very well consider Bodhtree for a period of 3 years view.

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