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Stock News Inshorts-30 Dec 2017

Here are top 5 stock market news in short.

1  These smallcap mutual funds have returned more than 60% in 2017

Reliance Smallcap Fund : This fund has returned more than 62% in the year so far, making it one of the best performing funds in the category.

HDFC Smallcap Fund: This fund has returned more than 60% since January. Read more.

2  Plenty of stocks in market which can give up to 20% CAGR return for next 3-5 years

We are positive on auto ancillary, private sector banks and finance, cement, speciality chemical and consumer sectors. Many companies in the auto ancillary sector are becoming truly global, Rajesh Kothari – Founder and Managing Director of AlfAccurate Advisors, said in an exclusive interview with Moneycontrol’s Kshitij Anand.

Read more.

3  Why next sugar season could be challenging one, explains Sharad Pawar

The next sugar season in Maharashtra could prove to be a challenging one with a bumper crop in the offing and a huge amount of cane to crush, Sharad Pawar, former agriculture minister and chairman, Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI) said.

” In the past the government has come to the aid of the sugar sector on several occasions. However, on recent occasions, the response has been to run the sector like a business that makes profit and loss. The meaning is clear. We are on our own,” he said. Read more.

4  How To Create Next Level Wealth

One of the luckiest things I’ve ever done was not sell any major assets during the downturn between 2009 – 2012. It’s understandable to panic sell when things are crashing and burning. It’s also easy to sell in a down market when you have a major life event e.g. losing your job, having a baby, etc. Read more.

5 Guidelines for Selecting Stocks Ideal for Retail Equity Investors

An investor should focus on investing in stocks of companies which are:

  1. growing at a respectable pace,
  2. have sustained profitability,
  3. are generating free cash flows,
  4. companies are conservatively financed [very low debt to equity (D/E) ratio: preferably debt-free] and
  5. are run by competent & shareholder-friendly management Read more.


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