Stock News Inshorts-24 Dec 2017

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Stock News Inshorts-24 Dec 2017

Here are top 5 stock market news in short.

1  Market outlook 2018: Morgan Stanley more bullish on China than India

Morgan Stanley has reduced the size of its overweight rating on India for 2018 to accommodate Brazil’s upgrade to the overweight category where they expect a significant economic growth. China is its biggest overweight in the global context.

Over the next 10 years, it expects $420 billion – $525 billion in domestic equity inflows that could have the power to keep India’s relative multiples higher for longer. That said, the two key risks for India, according to the research house, are the rising oil prices and the fact that 2018 will see a number of state / assembly elections, which can keep the markets volatile. Read more.

2  What are penny stocks and the risks of investing in them

Penny stock usually a stock of small public companies that trades at low price . Such stocks are highly speculative in nature and carry large bid spreads, limited following & disclosure and relatively small capitalization in the market. Such stocks present a high risk for investors, who are often lured by the hope of large and quick profits. The penny stock market is that it has little liquidity, so holders of shares in penny stock companies often find it difficult for them to cash out of positions. Read more.

3  Looking to invest in airline stocks: Here’s what experts say

The current year has been one of the best years for aviation industry so far, and shares of all major listed players have shown remarkable out performance. Industry experts and top market voices alike say that the profitability in the sector is highly dependent on oil prices.

However, the marked out-performance of the shares in the current year has led experts to say that the best performing airline stocks globally is Spicejet. Read more.

4  Buying when Private Equity wants to Sell

A particular frame work which we have been using for spotting interesting ideas has been Buying when P-E, Co Promoter, Related Parties, Institutional Investors wants to Sell and Go Away.

One needs to follow bulk deals/insider trading disclosures on BSE/NSE and do a further research too. But we have found this to be profitable. Another reason to look at such situations is that even in smallcaps one can
get enough liquidity also. Read more.

5  IT may emerge as a surprise pack in 2018, outdo broader market

Most cases when we look at how the deal pipeline looks like for Indian IT companies particularly, and how these companies would be picking up the new technology which are relevant more and more in next three to five years, that has been a positive change when we compare the situation now with what it was 12 months back. For these two reasons IT could be a surprise pack in CY18. Read more. Even few stocks in Pharma sector are going to perform well in 2018.

Hope you find Stock News Inshorts-24 Dec 2017 useful. Add a comment below to let us know what do you think.

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