Stock News Inshorts-15 Jan 2018

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Stock News Inshorts-15 Jan 2018

Here are top 5 stock market news in short.

1  How to decide about existing stocks in the portfolio: buy more/hold/sell?

If the self-sustainable growth rate (SSGR) of the company is very high than current sales growth rate and the capex needs are very low in comparison to the free cash flow being generated by the company, then the investor can think of paying a higher P/E to the stock.

Moreover, the fact of being invested in a company after doing analysis, brings in additional knowledge about the company, its products, its industry etc., which deepens the understanding of the investor about the company, therefore, an investor can think of paying a little higher P/E to the existing stocks of the portfolio for accumulation than adding an altogether new stock. Read full post at drvijaymalik.

2  Markets on high: 9 less-known stocks to buy now

Over the past one year, the BSE Sensex delivered 29% returns while the BSE Small Cap Index rose 59%. But the portfolio of eight lesser known stocks recommended by ET Wealth in early January 2017 has generated 71% returns.

1. CAN FIN HOMES: Will ride the growth in affordable housing

2. GRANULES: High earnings growth to continue

3. TRIDENT : Paper division will help boost revenue

4. VA TECH WABAG: Order book is going to get fatter

5. APAR INDS: Conductor demand will push volume growth

6. GATEWAY DISTRIPARKS: Exports have started picking up

7. TRIVENI TURBINE: Will benefit from the economic recovery. Read full post at ET.

3  Indian stock market may witness global headwinds in 2018, says Assocham

“Correction in the global indices due to any or all of the factors such as – the central banks tightening globally, balance-sheet reduction of the US Fed, pressure on crude oil prices and geo-political risks, among other factors, may impact over-bought position in India, China and other emerging markets in 2018,” an Assocham paper note said. Read full post at financialexpress.

4 How a school dropout compounded 50% returns for 10 years to outgrow the market

Initially, it was more of going by the day. Trading more by your guts and learning from your mistakes each time you lose money and trying something else the next time. You see trading is a solo sport, it is very hard to trade with somebody. So we used to trade separately on different strategies. I learned from my own mistakes and developed my strategies learning from my mistakes.

There was a phase fundamental analysis works, there is a phase where technical analysis works. Then we have phases where algorithmic trading works and automating trade works. Actually, after you try everything you realize nothing of it works in isolation.

That is the statement from Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath. Read full article at Moneycontrol.

5 Budget 2018: FM Arun Jaitley Makes His Stand Clear, Agriculture Is Top Priority

“India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the growth is benefiting people in different sectors.
Among the priority areas, agriculture sector is on the top, he said. “Ensuring the benefits reach the agri-sector and growth is visible — this is among the priority areas for us.” Read full post at ndtv.

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