How to start investing in Indian stock market ?

How to start investing in Indian stock market

How to start investing in Indian stock market? Many people would have thought of this some point int time. But chances are quite high that they don’t know anything about stock market or they don’t know how to start investing in Indian stock market in the first place.

Here we have outlined how to start investing in stock market  in a very simple and easy to understand way.

How to start investing in Indian stock market ?

It is very simple indeed. You need to open one demat account with your bank or with discount brokers. Add money from your bank account and start investing. Simple.

Which broker to choose to open your demat account?

There are basically two types of brokers for opening your demat account.

  • Full service brokers
  • Discount brokers

Reputed banks like ICICI, HDFC, etc are a good option to go for as full service brokers. They offer savings account, a demat account and a trading account in a single form. The advantage of this is that the transaction are seamless (since all accounts are under the same bank) and hassle free. But the downside is that the brokerage is generally very high.

Other option is discount brokers which gaining more popularity now due to low brokerage.

You can also check the comparison between full service brokers and discount brokers in details here.

How to open demat account within a week?

These are the documents you need to keep with you for creation of demat account.

  1. 2 Passport Size Photo
  2. Cancelled cheque leaf/ bank statement /passbook .
  3. Pan card
  4. Aadhar card or voter id

Zerodha is the pioneer of the discount broking concept in India and is the largest discount broker in terms of active clients of size 5 Lakhs. It is well known for creative advanced and intuitive platforms and its transparency.

Click on this link to open a demat account with Zerodha. They have very fast service and can open your account within a week. There is also option to open account instantly online using Adhaar. If you have any doubt you can get it clarified with their customer care.

Still not decided on which broker to use?

No worries. Open your account in any broker you want now. It doesn’t matter much.

If you don’t like the broker then later change it to other broker you like. As simple as that.

And what if you decide to stop investing?

Well that should be your last option. Anyway in that case just give a call to your broker and wind up.

Until your demat account is open, I strongly suggest to visit and also read about successful investors in stock market.

What to do until your demat account is ready?

Let’s say that you have decided to open demat account and it is under processing now. Even if your demat account will be ready in a week you still don’t know how to start investing in Indian stock market in terms to practical knowledge. You have one week of time so what would you do?

Until your demat account is open, I strongly recommend to visit and also read about successful investors in stock market in next one week of time.

1> Download moneycontrol app in your mobile and keep it in the first page of your home screen.

2> Sign up if you don’t have an account already.

>3 Create a virtual portfolio and add any 3-5 stocks from SENSEX 30 companies to your portfolio. These are the safest stocks, technically.

4> Search these selected 3-5 companies in moneycontrol and study them everyday.

5> You will come across many terms that you won’t understand. Try to search in google. If you are still not clear, it is fine at this stage.

Learn from investing masters

There are many places you can read about investing gurus.

You can also visit our learn from masters section to read about investing journey of most famous stock market investors.


If your demat account is open now then buy two of the stocks you are monitoring constantly from your moneycontrol portfolio.

Initially I would suggest you to buy with amount in the range of 5,000 to RS 50,000.

Don’t think much about which stocks to buy to make more profit at this point. First year, focus more on learning while buying safe stocks (BSE 30 or Nifty 50 stocks only).

 Congratulations on your first step of an exciting financial journey!

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  1. Also, do not start trading with the assumption that your money will be doubled in just few days. If your reason to get into trading is this, then I would suggest you to not get into it, unless you know the basic concepts involved in stock market or trading.

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