Porinju Veliyath Biography: Journey wealth farmhouse

porinju veliyath biography

Read Porinju Veliyath biography and know the incredible journey of a once homeless guy to one of the most successful and respected value Investor in India.

Simplicity and intelligence are two traits that separate Porinju Veliyath from other mainstream investors in India. Let’s go through Porinju Veliyath biography and try to understand why he is one of the most respected Investor in India today.

Porinju Veliyath Biography: Journey wealth & farmhouse


Porinju was born on 6th June 1962 into a lower-middle-class family in Kochi. His family faced deep financial problems when Porinju was 16 years of age. The condition was so bad that the home in which they were staying had to be sold off to repay the loans.

At a young age, Porinju decided to do a job with a salary of Rs. 1000 in order to support his family. As his salary was not enough to fulfill the basic need of his family, he decided to look for another job. His second job was at Ernakulam Telephone Exchange with a salary of Rs. 2,500. Porinju continued his study along with job and completed his study in Law. He then moved to Mumbai in 1990 as he couldn’t get a job in his hometown.

Porinju Veliyath got a job in Mumbai as a floor trader at a Kokat Securities. In July 1994, he left Kotak and joined Parag Parikh Securities as a Research Analyst and fund manager. He was instrumental in this job for next 5 years.

Back to Kerala:

In 1999 Porinju Veliyath decided to move back to Kochi as he was unhappy with the quality of life in Mumbai. After returning to his hometown he decided to make money from the stock market on his own and invested in Geojit Financial Services. Disbelief to others he got multi-fold return from the then penny stock and finally Veliyath was able to buy back house and land which his family had to sell off earlier.

Porinju Veliyath farmhouse

Porinju Veliyath pms equity intelligence

In 2002 Porinju started his own portfolio management firm Equity Intelligence.

Amazing Track Record: 32.76% average annual return since inception.

Porinju Veliyath investment strategy:

Porinju Veliyath likes to tell the world that he is a farmer who takes active interest in equity investing. “Value investing is a passion but I enjoy farming and I live in my farmhouse three days a week,” says Veliyath, who has been running a portfolio management scheme (PMS) out of Kochi, in Kerala, for the last 12 years.

But staying away from the cities, especially Mumbai, helps him avoid all the noise generated in the markets. And take concerted calls.-Porinju proudly says.

Porinju likes to identify the future bluechips stocks that are not fancied currently.

“The Indian market today is a goldmine if you look beyond Nifty and the fancied stocks. I can clearly see hundreds of multi-baggers, even after the big rally of the last two years. There is a big opportunity if you can identify these positive changes early.” -Porinju

Mr Porinju Veliyath, said unlike the normal portfolio schemes that invest in 8-10 stocks, Extreme Value PMS would invest in 15-20 stocks that would give it more leverage in terms of performance. Some of the stocks may under-perform, but many could outperform. Investing in undervalued stocks has always been our method; here, we spice it up with a certain element of risk, he said.

“If you invest companies with clean balance sheet, honest management and clear business visibility, even bank FD will beat your portfolio returns”- Porinnju.

Check out below answer, above statement is the basis of one of the common mistake smart investors make, as i have mentioned.

Check out these posts in economics time to understand Porinju’s future outlook in India and the theme he is betting on.

How to track Porinju Veliyath’s activity?

There are lot of sources out there. Here are some sources I find very effective.

  1. Equity Intelligence youtube channel.Equity Intelligence– Subscribe to it so you won’t miss any interview with Porinju.
  2. Porinju twitter account-Follow him to know all the names. Porinju Veliyath (@porinju) | Twitter


Business Professional of the year:


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Hope you take something useful after reading this inspiring Porinju Veliyath Biography.

Like thousands of people in India I am also inspired by Porinju Veliyath.

Wish Porinju lot more success ahead!

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